Social license as an emergent property of political interactions: response to Kendal and Ford 2017.

Date: 27, Mar, 2019
Author(s):   Garnett, S.T., Robinson, CJ., Zander, K.K.
Publisher: Conservation Biology

We are delighted that Kendal and Ford (2017) were moved to comment on the use of the term social license with respect to conservation as we (Zander et al. 2014; Garnett et al. 2016; 2017) and others (Spies et al. 2010; Hobday et al. 2015; Buckley 2016; Latham et al. 2017) have used it. We of course agree that social license may not always be a useful concept with which to describe the relationship between conservation and the community and that there is a need for “trusting, ongoing relationships with the . . . community.” However, we question their suggestion that social acceptance might be more appropriate than social license when seeking community support for conservation programs. We maintain there is a role for both terms—indeed there may be a sequence in which they are applied.