Seed dispersal by Australian digging mammals

Date: 21, Jun, 2021
Author(s):   Gabrielle Beca and Bryony Palmer with Leonie E. Valentine, Todd E. Erickson and Richard J. Hobb
Publisher: TSR Hub

Mammal-seed interactions are important for structuring vegetation communities across a diverse range of ecosystems worldwide. Many Australian mammals consume seeds, but their role in seed dispersal has not been well explored. The translocation of Australian mammals for the purposes of ecosystem restoration is increasing. Digging mammals, i.e. species that dig to obtain food or create shelter, are commonly the focus of these translocations because they are ecosystem engineers but an understanding of their role in seed dispersal is lacking. We aimed to expand the understanding of endozoochory in Australian digging mammals by determining whether seeds consumed by select species remain viable and able to germinate.