Science for Saving Species Magazine Issue 17 Spring 2020

Date: 26, Oct, 2020
Author(s):   Stephen Garnett, Rachael Collett, Diana Fisher, Mark Lintermans, Hayley Geyle, Bradley Moggridge, Alex Kusmanoff, Sarah Legge, Tracy Carboon, Holly Vuong, Heather Christensen, Rachel Morgain, David Chapple, Jessica Agius
Publisher: TSR Hub

The importance of community for threatened species; Moving mountains for the antechinus; The 22 freshwater fishes at risk of extinction; Indigenous Engagement Protocols; 5 lessons for more effective conservation messaging; One cat, one year, 110 native animals; Kids learning to track Mankarr on Martu Country; Business–Biodiversity webinar series; The Australian snakes and lizards on a path to extinction; Protecting threatened Christmas Island reptiles from a new disease; Researcher Profile: Hayley Geyle