Saving threatened frogs with refuges from disease, fish predation and fragmentation

Date: 24, Sep, 2019
Author(s):   Matt West, Ben Phillips, Brendan Wintle, Ben Scheele, Andrew Weeks, Lee Berger, Graeme Gillespie, Jarod Lyon, Tarmo Raadik, Michael Scroggie, Nick Clemman, Jason Leskie, Deon Gilbert, Enhua Lee
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project will identify and create safe havens for the Endangered spotted tree frog and threatened bell frog species. Disease caused by chytrid fungus, predation by non-native fish and habitat loss are all contributing to these species’ declines. Environmental conditions that restrict chytrid impacts on frogs and the frog’s critical habitat requirements will be identified by synthesis of existing data and through targeted research. By working with recreational fishing groups, we hope to locate sites where non- native fish impacts on frogs are already low or can be reduced. Experimental adaptive management strategies will be examined at selected safe havens.