Revegetation, restoration and reptiles in rural landscapes: Insights from long-term monitoring programs in the temperate eucalypt woodlands of south-eastern Australia.

Date: 26, Mar, 2019
Author(s):   Damian R. Michael, Mason Crane, Daniel Florance, David B. Lindenmayer
Publisher: Ecological Management & Restoration

Over the past decade there has been a concerted effort to better understand the distribution and abundance of reptiles in agricultural landscapes, and to specifically evaluate their response to revegetation (tree and shrub plantings) and habitat restoration in the wheat-sheep belt of south-eastern Australia. This paper reviews the response of reptiles to revegetation and woodland management and provides ten insights and lessons that can be applied to help improve reptile conservation in temperate eucalypt woodlands and fragmented agricultural landscapes in Australia. The review focuses primarily on revegetation programs conducted by Landcare and Greening Australia, and management interventions funded by Local Land Services in NSW and Catchment Management Authorities in Victoria.