Restoring the endangered Yass daisy

Date: 25, Jul, 2018
Author(s):   David Lindenmayer, Daniel Florance, Damian Michael, Claire Foster, Nicki Taws, Colleen Farrow, Tom White
Publisher: TSR Hub

Land clearing has resulted in the loss of approximately 85% of the box gum woodland vegetation community and what remains is often highly degraded. The woodlands are important to a number of threatened ground cover species including the Yass daisy. This project addresses the problem of how to best conserve this critically endangered vegetation community. The project will run as an adaptive management experiment trialling and testing techniques while restoring ground cover species within threatened box-gum grassy woodlands. The research team will collaborate with key partners to develop best practice methods for propagating threatened plants off-site, and then reintroduce them into appropriate habitat, including on private property.