Recommendations for conservation translocations of Australian frogs

Date: 14, Jul, 2021
Author(s): Ben Scheele   Emily Hoffmann   Matt West  
Publisher: TSR Hub

Frog declines and extinctions in Australia have been reported since the 1980s. Currently, 45 of Australia’s 243 frog species are threatened with extinction. Disease caused by an the amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), is linked to the extinction of four Australian frog species and has contributed to population declines of at least 40 other species. Other major threats to Australian frogs include habitat loss and alteration, climate change, increased fire (intensity, frequency and extent) and invasive species (such as fish and pigs). When these threats to wild amphibian populations cannot be reduced or eliminated, conservation translocation could be a viable management option to prevent extirpation or extinction. We outline recommendations for undertaking conservation translocations of Australian frogs with chytrid-specific considerations, and case studies.