Quantifying Indigenous people’s contributions to threatened species management - Factsheet

Date: 17, Feb, 2020
Author(s):   Ian Leiper. Kerstin Zander, Catherine Robinson, Josie Carwardine, Bradley Moggridge, Stephen Garnett
Publisher: TSR Hub

Project 6.2 We collated information from both government agencies and large non-government conservation organisations from across Australia in an effort to quantify the current engagement of Indigenous people in managing threatened animals and plants. We found that Indigenous Australians are involved in conservation actions towards almost a quarter of threatened animals and 2% of threatened plants. As almost 60% of Australia’s threatened species occur on Indigenous people’s lands, this points both to the importance of building appropriate and effective conservation alliances with Indigenous Traditional Owners and to opportunities for future engagement. Successful outcomes from engagement will, however, depend on understanding and respecting the priorities, rights, obligations and relationships of Indigenous people with their traditionally owned land and sea.