Post-fire changes in feral cat density across Kangaroo Island

Date: 16, Nov, 2020
Author(s):   Rosemary Hohnen
Publisher: TSR Hub

The project builds on existing data to understand how a large-scale fire has impacted feral cat densities on Kangaroo Island. Intensive camera trap sampling from September 2017 to December 2018 allowed for reliable estimates of the densities of feral cats to be made at nine sites across Kangaroo Island. Six of these nine sites were burnt in a catastrophic fire in early 2020. This project will re-sample all of these sites (including unburnt “control” sites) at two time periods post-fire (3–6 months and 9–12 months). Analysis will describe how cat densities were reduced in burnt areas and how long it might take for their numbers to recover.