Optimising the timing for assisting the colonisation of threatened montane frogs

Date: 15, Nov, 2018
Author(s):   Nicola Mitchell, Tracy Rout, Eve McDonald-Madden, Tracey Regan, Reid Tingley, Matt West Geoff Heard, David Hunter, Ben Scheele, David Keith
Publisher: TSR Hub

Many of Australia's amphibian species have distributions in montane regions. Species distribution modelling has shown that some of these montane specialists are likely to lose suitable habitat under a future warmer climate, but in some instances suitable habitat emerges for them towards the south. In this project, we are developing optimisation models for two Endangered species (the northern corroboree frog, and Spencer’s tree frog) to determine the ideal timeframe for when each species could be relocated to suitable habitats that are currently outside their natural range.