Optimising the timing for assisting the colonisation of montane frogs threatened by climate change

Date: 23, Nov, 2021
Author(s):   Nicola Mitchell, Tracy Rout, Tracey Regan, Eve McDonald-Madden, Reid Tingley, John Baumgartner, Matt West, Ben Scheele, and David Keith
Publisher: TSR Hub

We identified potential locations where two species of Critically Endangered Australian montane frogs threatened by climate change could be introduced. For the northern corroboree frog, the best potential source populations were in the ACT and NSW, and there were potential destination sites in Tasmania. For the spotted tree frog, we identified one potential source population and one potential destination site, in Victoria. For some combinations of source and destination sites, the optimal timing for assisted colonisation has already passed, while for other combinations the best timing is within the next two decades.