Norfolk Island threatened species conservation

Date: 25, Jun, 2019
Author(s):   Salit Kark, Leah Dann, John Dwyer, Lydia Guja, Noam Levin, Melinda Wilson, Joel Christian, Nigel Greenup
Publisher: TSR Hub

Norfolk Island is a unique volcanic island at the transition between tropical and temperate ecosystems. Due to its location and isolation, Norfolk Island features a wide diversity of endemic species of flora and fauna, many of which have become threatened. Declines have largely been caused by historical land clearing and the introduction of invasive species of plants, mammals, birds and other species. This research seeks to examine the mechanisms driving native plant recruitment, along withan assessment of flora–fauna interaction networks, particularly native plant interactions with invasive weeds, rats and chickens. It will identify and quantify key threats and barriers to recruitment of native plant species. The research will determine effective management strategies that will best mitigate these threats and enhance the conservation of the island’s threatened species.