Mitigating cat impacts on the brush-tailed rabbit-rat - Indigenous community report

Date: 14, Oct, 2021
Author(s): Hugh Davies  
Publisher: TSR Hub

Many native animals are currently disappearing across northern Australia. Luckily, animals on the Tiwi Islands have so far remained relatively healthy compared to most other areas across Australia. However, recent research has suggested that animals on Melville Island might be starting to disappear. If we don’t find ways to protect Tiwi animals, they might be lost forever. The aim of this research was to increase our understanding of both native and feral animals on the Tiwi Islands, in order to work out the best ways to protect Tiwi animals. Our research found that native animals on Bathurst Island remain healthy; there are more feral cats on Melville Island compared to Bathurst Island; and feral cats on Melville Island like areas that have frequent hot fires and lots of feral herbivores (buffalo and horse). This new information will help us make better management decisions on the Tiwi Islands.