Methods for measuring uptake and outcomes from environmental research

Date: 29, Oct, 2019
Author(s):   Rachel Morgain, Natasha Robinson, Ben Scheele, David Lindenmayer, Brendan Wintle, Christine Fenwick, Leonie Valentine, Kat Selwood, Juanita Watters, Dan Rogers, Jennie Fluin, Vanessa Westcott, Bradley Moggridge
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project will use TSR Hub research as a case study to understand how research undertaken to contribute to environmental outcomes can influence change. The project will develop measures for assessing research outcomes while research is underway. It will focus in particular on how conservation managers and researchers understand challenges, build partnerships, shape options and implement measures to improve monitoring and management practices, along with any significant changes to environmental and social outcomes. The research will apply these methods to enhance existing TSR Hub projects and present findings that could inform the design and implementation of future research projects and programs.