Messaging matters: A systematic review of conservation messaging literature - Factsheet

Date: 21, Oct, 2019
Author(s):   Kidd, LR., Garrard, GE., Bekessy, SA., Mills, M., Camilleri, A., Fidler, F., Fielding, K., Gordon, A., Gregg, EA., Kusmanoff, A., Louis, W., Moon, K., Robinson, JA., Selinske, M., Shanahan, D., Adams, V.
Publisher: TSR Hub

Communications that influence attitudes and behaviours are necessary for effective conservation programs and policy development. Strategically designed messages have been shown to influence attitudes and behaviour for other environmental issues, such as energy consumption, recycling and climate change mitigation. However, comparatively little is known about how best to design messages intended to change behaviours affecting biodiversity conservation. We conducted a systematic literature review to investigate the status of conservation messaging research.