Landholders’ participation in biodiverse carbon plantings

Date: 29, Jan, 2019
Author(s):   Nooshin Torabi, L. Mata, Ascelin Gordon, Georgia Garrard, W. Wescott, P. Dettmann, Sarah Bekessy
Publisher: TSR Hub

Project 6.3 This project investigated a range of factors that may influence biodiverse carbon planting program participation rates and their relative impacts. The findings can help guide policy-makers to design programs that increase participation rates and appeal to the broadest possible range of landholders. Achieving this will maximise environmental outcomes from these programs. The findings are also timely, as the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is currently in transition, and the findings of this research could benefit the design of future programs. The CFI scheme was established in 2011 to help achieve a 5% greenhouse gas abatement target by 2020 by offering landholders the opportunity to sell sequestered carbon.