Karajarri Fire and Biodiversity Project

Date: 12, Jun, 2019
Author(s):   Sarah Legge, Karajarri Rangers, Environs Kimberley
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project is about supporting fire management, cultural knowledge and biodiversity over the inland pirra (desert shrublands) and marangurru (spinifex country) areas of Karajarri Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). The IPA is a huge area and access from the ground is hard. Karajarri rangers are using aerial burning to manage fire over large areas. To see if this is helping wildlife, Karajarri are working with partners like Environs Kimberley and the NESP TSR Hub to set up a monitoring program in the pirra and marangurru. They want to “see what animals are here, check out if the country is in good shape, and if the fire management is working.”