Fire and native flora

Date: 04, Nov, 2018
Author(s):   David Keith, Mark Ooi, Tony Auld, Sarah Barrett, Justin Collette, Lydia Guja, Berin Mackenzie, Colin Yates
Publisher: TSR Hub

Altered fire regimes are major threats to threatened plant species and ecological communities in fire-prone landscapes. This project will improve fire management strategies to prevent the extinction of threatened plant species. On-ground field trials will fill knowledge gaps about the required burning regimes for a number of species including threatened Rutaceae and Pomaderris in New South Wales and Queensland, and threatened Proteaceae in Western Australia. Broad-scale comparative analyses of plant fire responses will also be undertaken between three temperate regions to identify trait differences between threatened and common flora from various fire-prone environments. The project will deliver evidence to improve strategies for planned and unplanned fire management for many threatened plants.