Feral cat control for threatened species in Queensland

Date: 25, Sep, 2018
Author(s):   Matthew Gentle, Sarah Legge, Diana Fisher, Bronwyn Fancourt, Tony Pople, John Augusteyn, Geoff Lundie-Jenkins, Jessica Guidotti, John Dwyer
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project aims to determine the effectiveness of feral cat control options, and their benefits to threatened mammals in Queensland. It will recommend long-term management strategies for feral cats in national parks. Biosecurity Queensland is collaborating with Qld DES to assess bait effectiveness, following advice from WA Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (Eradicat bait manufacturer and label holder). This project is investigating how cats respond to control methods including broad-scale baiting with Eradicat, and various trap types. Together with The University of Queensland, it is examining how threatened prey such as the bridled nailtail wallaby respond to this type of cat control, particularly in terms of increased juvenile wallaby survival.