Conservation of urban biodiversity: a national summary of local actions (Part 1)

Date: 01, May, 2019
Author(s):   Caragh G. Threlfall, Kylie Soanes, Cristina E. Ramalho, Abhilasha Aiyer, Kirsten Parris, Cecily Maller
Publisher: NESP Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub

This research summary has been specifically written for urban land managers or groups who implement actions for biodiversity conservation in urban areas. This report aims to: Develop a national inventory of local actions undertaken for urban biodiversity in Australian cities; Use case studies to showcase the breadth of successful urban biodiversity conservation actions; Summarise common barriers to and enablers of urban biodiversity conservation actions; Document the extent to which Indigenous perspectives are currently considered in urban biodiversity conservation; and Highlight future opportunities to conserve urban biodiversity.