Bridled nailtail wallabies in Taunton National Park (Scientific): Habitat requirements of a recovering population in a mosaic of mixed-age vegetation

Date: 23, Nov, 2021
Author(s): Jessica Guidotti   Diana Fisher  
Publisher: TSR Hub

Feral cat and dog control is a key management strategy used to support the recovery of the bridled nailtail wallaby at Taunton National Park (Scientific). In recent years there has been a three-fold increase in the core population of the bridled nailtail wallaby population. Analysis of the distribution of the bridled nailtail wallaby in relation to vegetation age may help managers to plan timing of vegetation management to increase habitat suitability in less-used areas of Taunton, thus increasing the potential of the population to expand even further and grow more with ongoing predator control. Using aerial photographs and ground truthing via vegetation transects we created detailed maps of vegetation change in the last four decades since the species was rediscovered at Taunton. We also assessed how the distribution of bridled nailtail wallabies has been associated with vegetation type and age.