Book of Hope Case Study: Bounceback for yellow-footed rock wallabies

Date: 20, Aug, 2019
Author(s): Stephen Garnett   David Lindenmayer   John Woinarski   |   Robert Brandle, Trish Mooney, Nicki de Preu, Stephen Garnett, Peter Latch, David Lindenmayer, John Woinarski
Publisher: TSR Hub

Remnant populations of the yellowfooted rock wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus) were isolated and declining in South Australia’s semi-arid ranges by the early 1990s. Feral animals, especially goats, rabbits, foxes, and cats, had caused widespread habitat degradation in the region. Around this time, a small group of rangers and wildlife managers, mostly from the South Australian environment department, instigated the long-term conservation program Bounceback to tackle key threatening processes and recover populations of the yellow-footed rock wallaby.