Australia’s threatened birds declined by 59% over the past 30 years

Date: 03, Dec, 2019
Author(s):   Bayraktarov, E., Dielenberg, J.
Publisher: The Conversation

Australia’s threatened birds declined by nearly 60% on average over 30 years, according to new research that reveals the true impact on native wildlife of habitat loss, introduced pests, and other human-caused pressures. Alarmingly, migratory shorebirds have declined by 72%. Many of these species inhabit our mudflats and coasts on their migration from Siberia, Alaska or China each year. These concerning figures are revealed in our world-first Threatened Bird Index. The index, now updated with its second year of data, combines over 400,000 surveys at more than 17,000 locations. It’s hoped the results will shed light on where conservation efforts are having success, and where more work must be done.