As the dust of the election settles, Australia’s wildlife still needs a pathway for recovery

Date: 24, May, 2019
Author(s):   Morgain, R., Moggridge, B.J., Wintle, B., Lindenmayer, D., Woinarski, J., Maron, M., Bekessy, S., Legge, S., Garnett, S.
Publisher: The Conversation

The environment was a key concern in the recent federal election. It was also a polarising one, with concerns raised about regional industries and livelihoods. But jobs and environment need not be locked in battle: there are pathways that secure a better future for both our environment and future generations. It’s just over two weeks since the global announcement that extinction looms for about a million species. The warning may have been partially lost in the noise of Australia’s election campaign, but it should resonate long after the political dust settles. This scale of loss will have catastrophic consequences not only for nature, but for us too. The good news is many of the key steps to addressing Australia’s ecological challenges are also wins for jobs, industry and social well-being. Others involve more difficult choices, but could be helped with careful strategic planning and the active involvement of all those with a stake. All require factoring in costs and benefits not only to our generation, but also to generations of the future.