Appendices to the Project 8.1.2 final report: Species list and sampling methods; and survey costs

Date: 04, Nov, 2021
Author(s):   Darren Southwell, Adam Smart, Brendan Wintle
Publisher: TSR Hub

The following Appendices are for the Project 8.1.2 final report. 

They represent a review of published primary and grey literature and best practice guidelines across each of the 212 vertebrate and plant species considered by experts to be most affected by the 2019–20 megafires in Victoria. A maximum of four survey methods and their attended detection probability are presented for each species, although not every survey method that can detect a species has been presented. Supporting each survey method, the cost of conducting a survey (for a given detection probability) is calculated based on the survey duration and several assumptions surrounding labour and material costs taken from the review process. For a detailed methodology of the review process and underlying assumptions of survey costs see Smart et al. (2020).