Annotated bibliography of Australian alpine peatlands conservation management interventions

Date: 28, Jun, 2021
Author(s):   Moore, J., Rowland, J.
Publisher: Atlas of Living Australia

The aim of this project is to bring together available information on the effectiveness of different management interventions for the conservation of Australian alpine and sub-alpine peatlands. This project comprises an annotated bibliography of scientific journal articles and reports that describe the effectiveness of management interventions for conserving or restoring alpine and sub-alpine peatlands in Australia, housed by Biocollect on the Atlas of Living Australia.

Each publication, report or policy document forms an individual entry under the "Data" section. Each data entry includes a brief summary of the document, related documents, abstract, details of the type and length of the study, locations, key threats in the area, interventions used and ecosystem responses measured. A link to each publication is provided in the associated data entry. Private and public reports are available in a repository in the "Resources" section.

The annotated bibliography on the effectiveness of management will be regularly updated as new publications and reports become available. Entries for new publications or reports can be submitted by filling in the form under the "Surveys" section or by contacting Joslin Moore