Adaptive reintroduction strategies for the northern corroboree frog

Date: 22, May, 2018
Author(s):   Ben Scheele David Lindenmayer, Matt West, Jennifer Pierson, Murray Evans
Publisher: TSR Hub

The Critically Endangered northern corroboree frog is one of many frogs in major decline due to chytrid fungus. A common management response for frogs at very high risk of extinction is to establish captive breeding programs paired with reintroductions. However, reintroductions into the sites where the last wild populations persisted, has met limited success due to the continued effects of chytrid fungus. This project will develop and trial innovative new translocation and reintroduction approaches, to support the reestablishment of wild populations of the northern corroboree frog in the ACT. The findings will also be highly relevant to the conservation of other frogs impacted by chytrid fungus. The project will also review past and current projects in order to develop best practice guidelines for frog translocation and reintroduction.