A guide to surveying red foxes and feral cats in Australia

Date: 01, Nov, 2021
Author(s):   Bronwyn Hradsky, Hugh McGregor, Matthew Rees, Mark Le Pla, Jessica Keem, Brendan Wintle, Sarah Legge
Publisher: TSR Hub

A good understanding of the distribution, density and behaviour of introduced predators is fundamental to measuring their impacts, deciding when management is required, and designing and refining effective management programs for local conditions. A wide array of field survey methods, data metrics and analytic approaches can be used to obtain this information. This guide aims to provide a broad introduction to the different contemporary approaches for monitoring foxes and feral cats in Australia, highlight key trade-offs, and provide links to more specific resources, including examples of Australian studies that have applied these methods. The examples focus on monitoring introduced predators for environmental outcomes, but the advice can equally be used to monitor these species in an agricultural context.