A guide to propagating Norfolk Island’s native plants and seeds

Date: 21, Dec, 2021
Author(s):   Leah Dann, Mark Scott, Lydia Guja, Melinda Wilson, Nigel Greenup, Salit Kark

The handbook covers an important selection of native species found on Norfolk Island. Most of the species selected are endemic and EPBC listed, as these species are unique to the island and are in the most need of propagation to increase populations. There are also some native species included because they are popular for gardens, good for revegetating property, and/or easy to grow.

A number of the species in this book have cultural significance on Norfolk Island, particularly Wikstroemia australis (Kurryjunk), Hibiscus insularis (Philip Island Hibiscus), and Rhopalostylis baueri (Niau palm).

Watch an audio recording of the foreword here: https://youtu.be/wncdjh4vaTY