Dr Thomas Newsome

Senior Lecturer
The University of Sydney

I am a Senior Lecturer (Academic Fellow) at The University of Sydney. My research addresses how species respond to human-induced changes to the landscape. I am particularly interested in how humans, predators and scavengers shape and drive ecosystem processes. My doctoral research focused on the ecology and behaviour of the dingo in the Tanami Desert of central Australia.

As a Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar, I investigated the ecological role of grey wolves and other large carnivores. I currently co-lead studies assessing: i) how mountain lions and other species are responding to the return of grey wolves in Washington State, USA; ii) the ecological role of vertebrate and invertebrate scavengers in Australia; iii) factors that lead to human–carnivore conflicts; and iv) how to resolve the global climate and extinction crisis.

In 2018, I established the Global Ecology Lab at The University of Sydney.