Stephane Batista

PhD candidate
Queensland University of Technology

Stephane Batista is PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Since her undergraduate degree in Biology she has studied mammal ecology and behaviour. During that time she dedicated herself to environmental enrichment and animal welfare for captive marmosets. She completed her masters focused on population ecology of an endemic rodent species (Cerradomys goytaca) from Brazilian sandy plain areas called “restingas”, and at the same time got involved in numerous small mammals field work and parallel surveys. 

Currently, her PhD project aims to develop and field test canine detection techniques to identify Antechinus argentus and Antechinus arktos, two endangered small carnivorous marsupials. The project aims to determine finer-scale ecology information, including sex discrimination, presence/absence of the target species across altitudinal clines and female nesting locations; and update species distribution information, mapping habitat/climate preferences, and providing strategic management plans for the conservation of these and other antechinuses species.