Saul Cowen

Research Scientist
Saul Cowen is a research scientist with the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction’s (DBCA) Biodiversity and Conservation Science Division.

Saul leads the team undertaking the fauna reconstruction phase of the Dirk Hartog Island National Park Ecological Restoration Project or ‘Return to 1616’, whereby 11 locally extinct species will be reintroduced to Western Australia’s largest island (as well as ‘conservation introductions’ of two other threatened mammal species) as part of a broader ecological restoration initiative.

Part of Saul’s role is tackling important research questions surrounding these translocations, in collaboration with other researchers and practitioners across broad range of disciplines, including ecological restoration, conservation genetics and wildlife health. He is particularly interested in how reintroductions of native mammals may assist with restoring ecosystem function on Dirk Hartog Island.