Sarah Comer

Western Australia's Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Sarah Comer works for Western Australia’s Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions as the South Coast Region’s Ecologist. In her 20 years in this role, Sarah has been involved in coordinating threatened species recovery programs, fire management for conservation, and adding to biodiversity knowledge of the region. Sarah has led the noisy scrub-bird recovery program since 1999 and works on other threatened species conservation programs including for the western ground parrot, western ringtail possum and Australasian bittern.

In recent years Sarah has been actively involved in efforts to improve introduced predator control programs in priority reserves, leading trials of landscape scale feral cat control through the delivery of Eradicat baits. Sarah is building on this project through her (part-time) PhD studies at the University of Western Australia, which are focused on improving understanding of feral cat ecology in south coastal ecosystems.