Mr Nicolas Rakotopare

Science Communication & Media Specialist
Threatened Species Recovery Hub

Nicolas is a Science Communication and Media Specialist for the TSR Hub. In this role he brings the hub's research projects to life in visually stunning videos, photos and other digital content.

Nicolas documents research projects by planning, producing, filming, photographing and editing digital content for a range of platforms, often in remote areas, working in collaboration with scientists, indigenous rangers and a wide range of other project partners from government agencies to NGOs and community groups. Nicolas is also responsible for: the hub's website development and management; training of other staff and partners in website, video editing and other communication app programs; digital asset management; and managing social media accounts.

Nicolas has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology, as well as 2 years of software engineering studies. He has filmed for documentaries around the globe from jungle clad mountain peaks to the remotest of deserts and in urban environments. He enjoys spending time outdoors and documenting wildlife.

To contact Nicolas via LinkedIn click here.