Prof Nic Bax

Project Leader
Marine Biodiversity Hub

Nic applies his expertise in marine resource management to help understand, manage and conserve our oceans’ biodiversity.

He leads the Australian Government’s Marine Biodiversity Hub, providing scientific advice for managing Australia’s marine biodiversity. He has co-chaired the Biology and Ecosystems Panel of IOC/UNESCO since its inception in 2015 and works with the UN Convention on Biodiversity on global marine biodiversity and sustainable use issues.

Nic has 40 years of experience in developing options to improve marine resource management in public and private sectors in Australia, the United States and Europe, and providing modelling expertise to support management decision-making. He has led teams of marine biologists, geologists, geneticists and oceanographers delivering outcomes on:
  • marine monitoring for biodiversity and climate restoration
  • predicting and managing marine biodiversity – spatial and species-based options
  • responding to oil spills
  • management of deepwater fisheries and their ecosystem impacts
  • multidisciplinary assessments of marine ecosystems
  • control options for invasive marine species