Liz Gould

Principle Scientist
Healthy Land and Water

Liz Gould is Principal Scientist with Healthy Land and Water, a not-for-profit natural resource management organisation active across south-east Queensland. Liz is passionate about biodiversity conservation and enjoys collaborating to develop and translate policy and science, engaging and informing the community and achieving real outcomes for wildlife and nature. Liz has worked in natural resource management for nearly 30 years, managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver large- and small-scale collaborative projects, primarily focused on biodiversity conservation.

Liz is a Director with Great Eastern Ranges, Acting Chair of the Border Ranges Alliance, a member of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee and an Adjunct at The University of Queensland. Liz is actively involved in recovery teams for the eastern bristlebird, macadamia, red goshawk and glossy black-cockatoo, and has successfully delivered multiple landscape-scale projects addressing connectivity and wildlife conservation.