Dr Jessica Marsh

Entomologist and arachnologist
Charles Darwin University

Jessica Marsh is an entomologist and arachnologist with a strong interest in invertebrate conservation and fire ecology, which was also the subject of her PhD.

Jessica is currently working on a number of projects aimed at increasing understanding on the impact of fire on invertebrate species, including her postdoctoral position with the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub and Charles Darwin University to assess the impact of the 2019–20 bushfires on invertebrate species in Australia.

In addition to her fire ecology research, Jessica is a taxonomist and current taxonomical research projects include Australian Biological Resources Study funded postdoctoral position with Murdoch University and the South Australian Museum to revise the taxonomy and systematics of tube-web spiders (Segestriidae) in southern Australia. ​

Jessica is an experienced field researcher, working with a range of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate taxa.