Jarrod Cameron

Honours Student School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The University of Queensland

Jarrod has completed the coursework component of the Bachelor of Environmental Science majoring in ecology and conservation (2019). He is currently undertaking the integrated honours year of the same course. Throughout his degree Jarrod has developed skills in the laboratory as well as in the field in a variety of systems. Jarrod is keenly interested in research with direct applications for the conservation and management of species and ecosystems threatened by climate change and other crises. This includes his current research contributing to Project 8.3.7, investigating the impacts of post-bushfire runoff on freshwater fauna. Specifically, Jarrod is currently researching how bushfire-induced changes to the aquatic environment affect the ability of freshwater crayfish to tolerate elevated temperature and lower aquatic oxygen levels. He will also investigate how exposure to post-bushfire run off affects freshwater crayfish gill morphology. Jarrod is working with a range of species including members of the endemic spiny crayfish genus Euastacus, which are among those species most affected by recent bushfire events.