Greg Kerr

Senior Ecologist
Nature Glenelg Trust

Greg Kerr is a behavioural ecologist presently working as a Senior Ecologist with the not-for-profit Nature Glenelg Trust to restore wetlands in western Victoria. Greg is managing the restoration of an extensive wetland complex on the Wannon delta at the base of the Grampians. He is developing solutions to wetland restoration following the impact of blue gum plantations across the area, including innovative approaches to overabundant herbivores and their impact on revegetation programs, designing and implementing monitoring programs, fostering environmental awareness, involving community and Indigenous involvement at the site and writing management plans. 

Previously, Greg was Regional Ecologist for the Eyre Peninsula with the South Australian Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources. Greg has gained wide-ranging faunal, wetland and stream management and citizen science experience through ecological investigations and program design in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Fiji and China. He has worked extensively in science teaching and communication and has developed and implemented a range of citizen science projects. Greg also edits the Australasian Wader Studies Group journal Stilt.