Emily Baldwin

Masters Student
The University of Melbourne

Emily has had a lifelong passion for Australian flora and fauna. Following this passion she completed a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) at the University of Melbourne in 2015 and is currently undertaking a Master of Science (BioSciences) at this institution.

Her research interests centre around restoration ecology with a particular focus on the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of revegetation projects. As part of her Masters degree, Emily has been reviewing and researching the drivers and inhibitors of regeneration of semi-arid woodland tree and shrub species. In close collaboration with Parks Victoria staff she began developing a quantitative model to predict and identify uncertainties surrounding seedling survival in large-scale revegetation projects undertaken in semi-arid woodland.

She is currently studying landscape design and horticulture to broaden her skillset and knowledge of fields associated with revegetation. In future, Emily hopes to work with managers and community groups to improve the design, management and monitoring of revegetation programs, and maximise their ecological and social benefits.