Darwin Port

Research partner

Darwin Port is the only major multimodal port located in Northern Australia and is strategically located as Australia’s gateway to Asia and Asia’s gateway to Australia. Darwin Port has a vision of steadily increasing trade and traffic through East Arm Wharf and will be investing in the enhancement and expansion of infrastructure to support the efficient handling of cargo through this critical transport node. As part of this vision, Darwin Port is focused on managing its infrastructure and operations, and any expansion of these, in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and has a long term commitment to maintaining the health of Darwin Harbour.

The Port is currently protecting an important artificial high tide roost habitat for several species of migratory shorebirds birds including the critically endangered Far Eastern Curlew. It has been pleasing to observe that this port protected habitat is being used by increasing numbers of Far Eastern Curlew and Darwin Port is committed to ensuring that suitable high quality habitats continue to be maintained as we further develop and expand the port. Given the importance of the harbour’s biodiversity to the residents of Darwin, we are particularly pleased to partner with our local Charles Darwin University and with the Larrakia people on a project that will contribute to strategic planning of a vital resource of which we share stewardship.

Darwin Port are project partners in Project 5.1.1: Strategic Planning for the Far Eastern Curlew.

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