Second research plan now underway

Second research plan now underway

Monday, 28 March 2016

As part of the National Environmental Science Programme, the Threatened Species Recovery Hub’s first full research plan has been ratified after the approval of Research Plan (Version 2).

The Hub submitted two research plans to the Department of the Environment for consideration during 2015 - Version 1 in May 2015, consisting of 14 research projects, and Version 2 in October 2015.

The following new projects are included in Research Plan (Version 2) and were approved in January 2016:

  • 1.4: Disease and widespread faunal declines
  • 2.4: Development of a Red Hot List for Australia's most imperilled plants
  • 3.1: National and regional monitoring for threatened species
  • 4.3: Threatened plant reintroduction and relocation
  • 4.4: Identifying and managing refugia in the landscape
  • 5.2: Upgrading and improving lists: Data deficiency, harmonising across states
  • 6.2: Collaborations with, and participation of, Indigenous people in threatened species research and management
  • 6.3: Methods for better communication and community buy-in to threatened species conservation.
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