PhD scholarships to conserve reptiles and frogs

PhD scholarships to conserve reptiles and frogs

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Applications are open for two PhD top-up scholarships, offered through the University of Western Australia.  

These scholarships are part of the Threatened Species Recovery (TSR) Hub, and are aligned with Hub’s research projects to achieve improved conservation outcomes for threatened species.

Topics include conservation biology, strategic decision-making and translocation options for threatened species. 

One scholarship is to join Project 2.3 to improve conservation outcomes for two critically endangered Christmas Island endemic lizards, both now restricted to captive-held populations.

The other scholarship contributes to Project 4.1 by working on the assisted colonisation of the Critically Endangered white-bellied frog in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

Each top-up scholarship will provide the successful candidate with an additional $6,000 per year, in addition to their PhD Scholarship stipend from other sources, plus support funds for fieldwork and attendance at TSR Hub workshops and conferences.

Scholarships will be for three years, annually renewed contingent on satisfactory progress.

Please contact Dr Nicola Mitchell, sub-project leader ( )

Photo: Margaret River, WA, by Margaret Donald FlickrCC BY-NA-ND-2.0.

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