PhD Opportunity – Improving threatened species communications

PhD Opportunity – Improving threatened species communications

Tuesday, 04 October 2016

How does message framing influence public attitudes towards threatened species conservation?  

At best, biodiversity conservation has a low profile in Australia; at worst, it is viewed with hostility.  

The NESP TSR Hub and RMIT are offering a PhD Scholarship to build a social license for threatened species conservation in Australia, by developing a better understanding of the way in which communities buy-in to the idea of conservation, and targeted conservation messages designed to increase community support and engagement.  

Recent evidence suggests that the way in which a message is framed can have a significant influence on interpretation and success of conservation messages. For example, “this species is doomed” type messages are thought to be ineffective at inspiring action. However, much remains unknown about the way in which conservation framing affects social attitudes towards conservation of threatened species.
 The challenge is to understand how message framing influences public attitudes towards threatened species conservation and use this to develop effective communication strategies. 

The successful candidate will have an Honours or Masters degree with a dedicated research component, ideally in one or more of the following disciplines: ecology, conservation biology, conservation psychology, marketing or media and communications. 

Contact Dr Georgia Garrard ( or Associate Professor Craig Batty ( for more information.     
Deadline for applications is 31st of October, 2016.

See more information here:

Image: Painted Button-quail by patrickkavanagh/flickr (CC BY 2.0

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