Introducing Rachel Morgain: knowledge broker

Introducing Rachel Morgain: knowledge broker

Monday, 10 October 2016

Rachel Morgain has recently started as Knowledge Broker with the NESP TSR Hub. She comes to the Hub with experience working at the interface of research and policy, through roles with the Australian Government and most recently at the Australian Academy of Science.

In her past, Rachel researched environmental anthropology and science communication, including the social aspects of environmental change and biodiversity conservation in the US, Australia and the Pacific.

As Knowledge Broker, she will be working closely with the Hub’s project and theme leaders, land management organisations as well as representatives from state and federal government to raise the profile of the TSR Hub’s work and build bridges that help better integrate research, policy and practice. “This will involve strengthening engagement between researchers, policy leaders and land managers, understanding emerging policy priorities, and developing knowledge products tailored for different purposes from the Hub’s cutting-edge research.”

Over coming months, Rachel will meet with Hub project and theme leaders, researchers, representatives from the Department of the Environment and Energy and other stakeholders to clarify priorities for extending the Hub’s knowledge exchange and engagement processes.

She hopes to learn about emerging research from across the Hub and about the research priorities and knowledge-needs of policy makers and land managers. She is also working closely with the communications team to refine the Hub’s communications strategies and extend the reach and influence of threatened species research.

Photo: Rachel Morgain is TSR Hub’s new Knowledge Broker (image supplied by Rachel Morgain)

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