Assoc Prof Sarah Legge

The University of Queensland and The Australian National University

Sarah Legge is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University and a Principle Research Fellow with the University of Queensland. She is a wildlife ecologist with over 25 years’ research experience, mostly in northern Australia, but also New Guinea and Africa.

Sarah has a particularly strong background in practical conservation management; she worked for a non-government conservation organization (the Australian Wildlife Conservancy) for over a decade, where she led its Conservation and Science program. This role included developing large-scale adaptive management and strategic research projects, focusing on the mechanisms for recovering threatened and declining species and restoring ecological integrity.

Sarah worked with government, local pastoralists and indigenous communities to develop an award-winning regional fire management program (EcoFire), which transformed fire patterns over 4 million hectares of the central and north Kimberley and helped to catalyse fire management change more broadly over much of the region. This work was interwoven with a suite of research involving many researchers, including students, on the impacts of fire and feral cats on small mammals, threatened birds, and other fauna.

Sarah sits on a number of advisory committees, including the Commonwealth Government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee, Birdlife Australia’s Threatened Species Committee, the Christmas Island Cat Eradication Project Advisory Committee and the Commonwealth Government’s Feral Cat Taskforce.